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Backyard Composter

Burpee has developed the Backyard Composter; made from 100% recycled materials, perfect for composting kitchen scraps through high-temperatures and capturing solar heat that accelerates the breakdown process to no more than two weeks after completely full.

Hypothermophilic microorganisms are responsible for accelerating the composting process, and in doing so; stimulate the sterilization of compost materials, reaching temperatures that are far too high for offensive bacteria to survive.

The secret to this design is aeration, as oxygen is a must for benefic hypothermophiles to flourish, this was done by incorporating adjustable air vents, an easy access lid and a sliding bottom door that make the Burpee Backyard Composter easy to use.

Holding up to 11 cubic feet of compost materials from both the garden and the kitchen, Backyard Composter is easy to assemble, without the need of any tools. Instructions are of course included.

Backyard Composter (product number 96297) is unobtrusive, aesthetic and recommended as a safe product for both flower and veggie gardens alike, the perfect thing for gardeners looking to make their very own black-gold right in the comfort of their own backyard.