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BioBag Kitchen Bags

BioBag Kitchen Bags are the perfect thing for kitchens looking to separate their organics before they get to the landfill, the 3 gallon biobags made to fit most sink-side food waste buckets also fit well with Max Air Compost Pail as both the MACP and the 3 gallon biobag allow ventilation for heat and moisture through the sides, without breaking down the starch-based plastics of the bags themselves until actually hitting the compost pile.

BioBag Kitchen Bags tall kitchen size are good for lining the traditional garbage can, and still do the same job as the food wastesize developed for the MACP but on a larger scale, more commonly used in raking up leaves in the back yard, at barbecues or even for commercial restaurants that already have a composting program going and are looking for a more economical solution than the constant cleaning that comes with nasty food waste barrels.

BioBag Kitchen Bags have a use and use again motto, because they work great as food grade quality refrigerator storage vegetable bags as well as compost pail liners, impeding leakage, but yet still allowing heat and moisture to escape from within.

This breathing quality allows food to stay fresh even longer than with traditional petroleum plastics, plus they can be used again in the compost pail for food wastes, then tied up and plopped into the compost pile for quick, efficient and tidy results that meet peoples standards for being ecologically friendly as well as hygienic.

Like all biodegradable bags, BioBag Kitchen Bags have a shelf life and need to be kept in dry places away from intense heat, nor should they go into a landfill, as it can slow their decomposition process up to as long as two years in some cases where as in the compost pile or just outside in the weather, they will degrade more rapidly.

BioBag Kitchen Bags come in two sizes, tall kitchen and food waste, the food waste size is for lining sink-side compost pails such as the Max Air, while the tall kitchen size is great for commercial use in lining any traditional sized trash bin.

BioBag Kitchen Bags allow for a sharp and intelligent way to deal with CO2 emission offsetting right at home or at your place of work, without giving up the creature comforts we have all come to appreciate and enjoy, doing wellfor the planet by doing well to ourselves.