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Biodegradable cold cups

These biodegradable cold cups are clear; they come in useful popular sizes that range from 7 oz. to 24 oz. Stock up on cases of 1000 and never worry about buying biodegradable cold cups for a long time.

Clear Biodegradable Cold Cups:

Biodegradable cold cups can be either clear or have a printed logo or message on them.

You can also purchase the Flat Lids For 12/16/20/24-Ounce Corn Cold Cups

These PLA cups are made from corn.

Unlike petroleum based cups they will easily biodegrade.

This greatly reduces the long and short term effects of these cold cups that are truly designed for not much more than one time use.

In the past, petroleum plastic cups would be designed for casual one time use. The affect on the environment was, (and is) anything but one time for petroleum based plastic cups.

The good news is with eco friendly cold cups all that can be avoided. And one time use truly means one time use.

This is also the case for the PLA based corn plastic lids and straws.

Not only for the occasion they are purchased for, but also for the environment. When these products break down it is the last time we have to hear or worry about them.