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Biodegradable plates

The Stalkmarket nine inch heavy duty plate comes in 12 packages each containing 25 disposable 9 inch biodegradable plates.

This plate was designed to be sturdy. It doesn’t let food leak through.

The plate also is designed for your one time use. Then it will degrade rapidly when left to the elements.

You can serve your family, housemates, and friends with the assurance that one time disposal doesn’t mean long term cost to the environment.

In fact you can put these plates in your compost. It will actually be beneficial.

The plate is made from sugar cane fiber. The plate will actually in rich the soil of your garden or flower bed.

Imagine after a meal not having to do dishes; save any pots and pans. All the glass ware, napkins, forks, serving spoons, knives, plates bowls, juice, beverage and coffee cups all go into a bag, along with the scraps, out the back door, tied up, and left to be mixed into the garden or compost. Find other utensils by Stalkmarket on Amazon.com!

If you live in a building, your scraps and left over biodegradable plates will degrade easier in a land fill.

Biodegradable plates made from sugar cane fibers are finger licking good from the serving to the grave.