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Biodegradable Pots

Different from the traditional peat pots, which have always been biodegradable, Rosso’s International has produced biodegradable pots in many different colors that substitute the environmentally dangerous plastic pots as well as plastic dishes; bioplastics that take no longer than six months to return to the earth.

While a peat pot may sit around for weeks at a time, it cant get wet or left outside in the weather or else it will quickly begin to decompose into soil matter, making watering itself a quick way to start the process.

Biodegradable pots on the other hand are wonderful for long-term usage as plastic pots, especially for seedlings.

Upon maturing to replanting stage biodegradable pots such as those made by Rosso’s International, can easily find their way directly into the soil.

Even if a pot is broken, split or cracked beyond use, no more worrying about how to recycle the plastic in an environmentally conscious manner.

Rosso’s products come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes to meet the same needs and aesthetic value as those proposed by traditional fossil fuel pots.

Dishware and pots made from the pulp of bamboo pulp as well as other agricultural residues such as corn pulp.

A stable and sustainable technology for a brighter human future. Biodegradable pots made by Rosso’s International, come with the very latest in modern technology and research, using only environmentally friendly production.

Bacteria, water and carbon dioxide do the composting of biodegradable pots within 6 months, they are 100% natural, hygienic, suitable for the use with foods, they can even withstand temperature of up to 180 Celsius, freeze proof as low as 40 Celsius, fully microwavable, acid, alkali and oil resistant, durable structure free of odors or poisons, with a 2 year shelf life.

Indoors, outdoors, plant nurseries, gardens, and anywhere you would like to have your growing environment more aesthetically pleasing as well as make a political statement about energy conservation, will do for Rosso’s biodegradable pots, longer lasting than peat pots which have always been biodegradable, but never last this long.