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Biostack Bin

Biostack Bin is a hot pile backyard-composting unit that is sure to remain healthy and produce quality humus in less time than an ordinary backyard cold pile.

Biostack Bin is composed of three double walled, heavy-duty plastic edges that retain solar heat (which is why they are black) and air slits that create a passive aeration system throughout the compost.

Biostack Bin is just a little over two feet per side with a little over four cubic feet contained in each of the three tiered drawers, coming to a total of roughly twelve cubic feet in the entire container when full.

The black plastic lid is hinged, fixed to the top to retain both heat and moisture as well as avoid flooding from rainwater.

Biostack Bin is built from 60% recycled polyethylene, it is totally waterproof, will not rot, is always free of rodents and extremely easy to clean.

At 28 square inches and 34 inches high, Biostack Bin holds 13 cubic feet of organic waste materials.

Biostack Bin does a better job of keeping compost healthy and pathogen clear, something that a traditional cold pile cannot do.

Biostack Bin is all about composting in the backyard more efficiently a mixture of yard debris as well as kitchen wastes.

For the surface area occupied by the Biostack Bin itself, the user will also require an equal amount of space to deposit the already well-produced compost.

For greater yields in less time, and a pathogen free cold pile, Biostack Bin prepares with semi-hot pile technology, a unique, tried and proven method of composting, all year long, even those light winters in summery climates.

Biostack Bin is the future for those interested in getting outside and getting just a little bit dirty while doing good for the energy as well as their own bodies and producing quality compost in just a month or two.