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Blue Planet Smart Composter

BluePlanetSMART is a composting tumbler unit made for the ecologically aware who enjoy doing something for our sustainable future and make a statement while doing so.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this globe is more than a map of the planets continents and oceans, it is a convenient way to get rid of kitchen scraps and other organic wastes that a household may create.

The sphere is an interesting model of composting bin because its dimensions allow the largest internal volume while at the same time, occupying the least amount of surface area.

Tumbler capacity:
8.7 cubic feet
Base capacity:
5 U.S. gallons
Empty weight:
26.5 lbs

This ratio, allows for higher rates of decomposition and conserves more internal heat produced from thermophilic microorganisms doing natures composting.

Highly weather resistant plastic, molded handles and lid, Blue Planet SMART is a work of true visionary entrepreneurship.

As household composters go, Ecolosphere Inc. has created something very decent for todays market of global sustainability.

The medium is the message. And Blue Planet SMART is just one way to give those who care about the well-being of Mother Earth an effective yet simple way to make a direct impact in the fight to protect our environment.

By reducing the amount of final waste products that actually reach the landfill every year, BluePlanetSMART will cut down on the final size of your garbage bag by at the very least one third and provide excellent compost for your garden or lawn.

Blue Planet SMART gives you the chance to think globally while acting locally.