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Blue Recycling Bin

Looking to find a recycling bin to replace the one that was lost or stolen? The 12 ½ gallon, blue recycling bin with the We Recycle symbol on the side and sometimes provided by cities is a great place to put used plastic, cans or paper such as that generated from copiers, printers and mail rooms.

Color distinction is interesting for those delving into the trend of recycling, allowing bright colors like blue, to stand out as a place for recyclables.

The We Recycle symbol has already become universal, and accepted around the world, making it even harder for someone to make the mistake of throwing the wrong material into the recycling box.

Blue may yet become the standard for paper recycling boxes along with other main colors for tins or plastics and they can be used as a storage containers as well as a recycling bins.

At present, with the world of Web 2.0 and the word online becoming common everywhere, the use of computers has skyrocketed, taking with it, an overuse of precious wood to produce and abundance of paper; paper that can be recycled.

Commercial sized bulk ink adaptations for home printers have transformed the average user into an almost commercial consumer of paper, not to mention offices and Xerox machines that have always worked with large amounts of waste paper.

Having a blue recycling box in your home or office is a way to show others what is possible with just a small initiative, keeping things better organized, and helping to save the planet at the same time.

This blue recycling bin fore curbside programs, has built-in handles, was designed to stack or nest, for use with high-volumes of recycled paper products, measuring at 20 x 15 3/8 x 13½, holding 12 ½ gal and shipping at 3.4 lb.

This blue recycling bin is a box to keep things organized, it comes with the We Recycle symbol on the side, and will take loads of waste paper to and from the curb, it is easily stacked or nested, allowing you to think global, and act local, for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow, where trees, people and the environment, are all living in harmony together.