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Bokashi Kitchen Composter

Bokashi Kitchen Composter is for those who want to contribute to sustainable living through better composting, but live in small urban spaces where composting is difficult.

Apartments, condos or anywhere space is a commodity and every inch counts; Bokashi Kitchen Composter was designed to handle the smallest of our cities small spaces with sustainable practices that reduce our ecological footprints.

Although designed for anaerobic conditions, the use of EM (Effective Microorganisms) based technology allows Bokashi Kitchen Composter a revolutionary place in our future, one that is cued for sustainability.

Bokashi is a blend of water, wheat bran, molasses, EM-X ceramic powder and efficient microbes that do natures job efficiently and in a way that what we waste can be readily replaced back into Mother Natures womb with fewer footprints.

Bokashi is a patented compost activator for beneficial microbial inoculation, fermenting and pickling organic food scraps in less than half the time a conventional cold pile takes.

Bokashi Kitchen Composter is a hot pile that uses a composting activator called Bokashi (from Okinawa) for indoor composting, and after it is full, will take between 10 to 14 days to fully ferment, which is the average amount of time the average American family takes to fill a five gallon kitchen crock.

If you are looking to recycle all your kitchen compost indoors with this system its recommended to have at least two Bokashi Kitchen Composters; one for adding daily scraps throughout the week and another for simply composting.

When the barrel composter has fully dissolved all the nitrogen based organic materials into a useful a humus like product, the smell will be good

Most anaerobic fermenting processes will smell, because of the anaerobic nature of the fermentation process.

Bokashi on the other hand, has everything necessary to keep that hot pile thriving with EM technology.

Smaller urban spaces make composting ever more challenging, but it is possible to compost indoors efficiently with Bokashi Kitchen Composter.

Bokashi Kitchen Composter is the modern way to deal with our human kitchen wastes in an ecologically conscious process that lays cobblestones of sustainability on the highways of tomorrow, for the children of our childrens greener tomorrow