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Build a composter

If you are looking for personal independence and want to build a composter, Easy Composters You Can Build is the book for you.

There isnt much to the concepts of living out in the country, but there is a whole lot that country living can teach those that find themselves trapped below the spiraling concrete and plexiglass of urban landscapes that seem to go on and on; composting is a lesson worth learning.

Nick Noyes offers a straightforward method for dealing with our kitchen refuse, garden debris and other organic waste, in a humane and ecologically correct manner that Mother Nature will thank us for.

Step by step, you too can learn to build your very own composter for country or city living, with new or used materials, and just a few basic carpenter skills that read as easily as a cookie recipe.

Single bin, double bin, triple or even quadruple, your needs can be met in this all encompassing book that not only teaches you how to build your veryown composter with what you have on hand, but also how to make the best use of our natural resources, right at home, to produce a simple and powerful garden amendment.

This 32-page paperback published by Storey Publishing, LLC in January of 1995, measurs 8.1 x 5.3 x 0.2, and ships at 1.6 ounces, bringing you the personal freedom and independence from polluting landfills; helping you make a difference today.

Build a composter on your own, by following the simple to understand directions in Easy Composters You Can Build by Nick Noyes, an author that brings the wisdom of country living into your library and hopefully into mainstream knowledge as well, making the future, just that much brighter.