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Red Worms are an excellent choice if you are looking to start your very own vermicomposting bin under the kitchen sink, backyard, basement, and garage or just out in plain sight where visitors can make inquiries about it. You can buy red worms one the internet where they are often for sale or sometimes you can get them at a local farm.

Red worms like those cultivated are not just for worm composting though, they can also serve as fish bait or reptile food just as easily, as these are alternative uses for their cultivation from other distributors.

Red worms take on manure, paper, household kitchen refuse and pretty much any organic materials that you offer them at a rate of their own weight daily.

Jill offers 1,000 (roughly one pound) of handpicked red worms by mail order, with an assortment of mature breeders, young, extra egg-capsules in two pounds worth of bedding, shipped on Mondays by priority mail (expedited) only or overnight in extreme temperatures (shipping in this case required) and a thee page worm care notes included at a total of four pounds for the whole package.

Your worms may arrive somewhat dehydrated from the shipping, but with a little moisture and liquid food, they should come out of dormancy and perk right up again in no time at all.

This is done by leaving some easily digestible organics like fruit and dinner leftovers in the bottom of some soil and allowing microorganisms to break it down during shipping, the messy goop that results is what your red worms will need to restore themselves to full health upon arrival.

Enough red worms could purify your home of all its organic waste in just seven to fourteen days at a time, leaving you with the best form of soil nurturing additive on the planet; worm castings as a byproduct that is some of the most hygienic processes known to science today.

It is possible to say that there is no other known solution more directed towards environmental stewardship than one that reduces ecological footprints to a minimum while replenishing directly and in abundance, the soil nutrients we deprive nature of when we avoid the food chain through the garbage man.

By allowing red worms into our homes and daily lives, we allow our civilization to take part in Mother Nature once again; as purifiers, that is, as true stewards.

This is a sustainable way to deal with our civilizations organic wastes and one of the most low-tech ways to be environmentally correct with as few ecological footprints as possible.

If you have already been doing vermicomposting or intend to start soon, know that by using red worms to take care of your organic waste, you are replenishing what others have not and becoming a true steward of space station earth.