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Can Crusher

This modern style can crusher is the perfect thing for conserving recycling space in office lunchrooms and homes.

Soda cans are essentially cylinders that can be radically reduced in size and still be properly recycled neatly with a can crusher.

Space is such a commodity in todays American culture, where verticalization, industry and commerce go hand in hand.

Not just time is money, but our precious urban spaces are money as well; this can crusher will hold up to 300-crushed soda cans where only 100 non-crushed could traditionally be stored in a bin of the same dimensions.

Weighing only 14 lbs when empty, made of composition high impact, heavy duty durable plastics that will last for hundreds of years, this can crusher measures 33 high x 14 wide x 18.5deep and is an attractive addition to any kitchen recycling program.

At a 3:1 reduction ratio, you can keep your recycled aluminum cans from messing up cardboard boxes and bins that tend to take on foul odors when left unattended properly.

This can crusher will help keep the area neat and clean, preserving space and helping our civilization go one step closer to self-reliance.

This elegant neutral light gray color blends well with most decors and most importantly, this can crusher is an efficient way to keep those tin cans recycled in a more organized fashion that helps us remember that we are on the path to self-reliance, one step at a time.