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Cascadia Compost Bin

Cascadia Compost Bin was developed with “hot pile” composting in mind and blends well with the landscape, making for an attractive compost bin.

Cascadia Compost Bin is available in a large 36-inch diameter or a small 27-inch diameter, as needed, the larger bin with a capacity of up to 20 cubic feet of organic scraps, the smaller 12.

UV inhibitors in the plastic protect Cascadia Compost Bin from the damaging rays of the sun for at least 9 to 10 years, proven reliable and effective.

Cascadia Compost Bin comes with a specially designed tapered hole in the top for rainwater harvesting, keeping the pile with exactly the right amount of moisture, to allow for faster decomposition.

Diamond shaped holes in the side walls of Cascadia Compost Bin allow for a more dynamic aeration, the perfect thing for tumbling a hot-pile manually, keeping breakdown time to a minimum of 14 days when kept properly.

Composed of 100 percent post-consumer and recycled plastics (HDPE on the walls and polypropylene for the ends), Cascadia Compost Bin is multipurpose for both food and yard scraps.

Lightweight with a one-year warranty, Cascadia Compost Bin is lightweight, of simple assembly yet ships at 37 pounds.

Cascadia Compost Bin is an excellent way to take care of the kitchen and yard refuse in one simple composting barrel that keeps compost moist and well oxygenated with ventilation that will produce healthy humus in just a few weeks after reaching its capacity.

Cascadia Compost Bin is an excellent way to deal with our civilizations own problems today, keeping us in-line with Mother Nature.