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Cedar Compost Bin

This ready to go cedar compost bin is a great way to get that traditional old fashioned little house on the prairie look in your own backyard, but with galvanized hardware that lasts for years.

Naturally weather resistant northern white cedar that looks of forested meadows of open plains and a more energy efficient approach to recycling.

This cedar compost bin looks good and does the job of harvesting a traditional hot pile in less than a month if turned every few days, and in 14 days if turned daily.

Measuring 30 inches high by 39 inches wide and 36 inches deep, this Green Culture cedar compost bin will hold 24 cubic feet, about a week worth of kitchen scraps (nitrogens) and paper materials such as sawdust or moss (carbons).

The more balanced you keep a traditional compost bin, the faster it will compost and if all you are looking for is a place to harvest quality home grown humus for yourself or as a gift, this is the perfect item.

If you already have a place to store your kitchen scraps, like a couple of closed plastic trash cans or another compost bin, you can turn this pile daily the old fashioned way and take care of all your garbage disposal unit organics.

Once full, the more you turn this pile the faster it cures and done once a day, within two weeks you will have humus, due to this compost bin design.

This cedar compost bin allows for excellent oxygenation and room for microorganisms to thrive in the middle of the pile, killing deadly pathogens and leaving only clean humus.

If you have a second cedar compost bin holding the piling kitchen scraps and dowsing them with carbons every day after turning (eliminating foul odors) will further speed up your compost production so much you will be giving it away for free and recycling what normally goes into the landfill or worse, the sewer.

Either way, if you have a family of five, live in America and eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, you will need at least two weeks to turn this compost bins holdings into fine humus for your garden if not some thirty days or more if you turn the pile less than once a day.

So a single unit is for those looking to just get started and experiment with composting, not go full out on green living.

This cedar compost bin is the perfect thing for those who are looking to recycle only certain kitchen scraps to get that just right home made humus, the old fashioned way for those award winning rose beds or tomatoes. A great hobby.

For a world that sees self-reliance as a way of life and the future, this cedar compost bin by Green Culture makes the excellent addition to any home garden that enjoys do-it-yourself composting.