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Compact Compost Tumbler

Designed for moderate sized gardens and lawns, the Compact Compost Tumbler is an average sized easy to use hotpile that holds 9.5 bushels of greens and browns, turning them into dark, black humus within only 14 days.

The keystone to this particular tumbler is the off-the-ground design that keeps rodents and other large-scale cold pile decomposers from getting in, and a gear driven drum that makes tumbling easy even with a full load.

Internal pins stimulate better mixing, keep fresh organic materials deep within the core, temperatures up to 150 F and speeding up breakdown time with a unique aerator/drainage system on the doorand screened vents on the end caps for maximum oxygenation and minimum compost loss, preventing leaching.

The Original Compost Tumbler invented by Australian Peter Whiteside has been manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA since 1979, while the Compact Compost Tumbler was first introduced in 1991, measuring an overall 43 x 42 x 33with the drum sitting 12 off the ground.

It is a standard green color, in order to fit in with the lawn and garden, it has a 90 gallon capacity (9.5 bushels), the stand and drum are made of tubular steel, rust-proof, galvanized metal, with recommended usage on average sized yards and vegetable gardens and a five year manufacturers warranty.

The Compact Compost Tumbler was an idea that is once again becoming hip, with more and more people taking to hot-pile composting their garden and lawn refuse, the search for greener lifestyles and becoming ecologically correct takes further hold of our patriotism, with pride and stewardship making self-reliance; earthfriendliness.