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Compost Container

A Compost Container is any container used to contain compost. That is, a compost container is used to keep compost isolated. Since dealing with compost is a way of safely returning humanities used organic wastes to the soil in the form of a rich and healthy humus or finished compost, a containment area is necessary in order to maintain a properly, kept compost. With a compost container, the composter can speed up, slow down, heat up or cool down the process of breaking down organic wastes through the use of sensible composting as desired.

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Deep within every human heart there is a need to make a better quality of life for ones own self as well as their surrounding family. This basic organic need which can be found in all forms of life is a law of nature. No creature is exempt. Humankind tends to see things in a bi-polar way. Good and Evil, black and white, odd and even… All “human” ways to interpret an already time-test-proven-perfect ecosystem that seems to only know how to give… And humanity takes. In large scales, humanity takes. And what does it give back to the ecosystem? Trash! Millions of tons of trash every year! With no regard as to where it goes, is collected or how it is processed. In most poverty stricken communities the organic trash can be bad news. And one fine, beautiful way to deal with it are community compost containers.

Large compost containers that are built and maintained by the communities themselves or by the government are excellent alternatives to pollutant landfills. Who has seen what goes into a landfill? There is no control. A landfill is an uncontainable environment for creating uncontainable pathogen infested disease that seeps into the ground soil when it rains, into our precious underground streams, to the roots of fruit trees and beautiful flowers that become sick and die from the extent of the horror that is ground contamination. People must be educated about the horrors of non-containment and realize the benefits of separating and containing our organic wastes. Whole communities could rise up in action against this injustice with the proper compost containers in hand, a little know-how, and lots of willpower.

If a compost container is used in the correct fashion, the kinds of composting being done will be far more predictable, for example, if the composter wants a high chomper friendly compost with a low temperature and lots of hungry red worms, then the style of container used would be in direct contact with the soil, but yet completely surrounded and covered with a lid, never coming in contact with rainwater in order to keep the surrounding ground soil clean. If on the other hand, the desired compost processes dangerous organic substances, such as those pathogenic in nature, this idea of coming directly in contact with soil and producing a chomper friendly environment should be replaced with a thermophylic friendly world of compost. A thermophylic friendly compost container is the kind of container that prefers microorganisms that work well under very high temperatures, the kinds of temperatures which are dearly necessary when making sure that all those vile pathogenic bad guys fall dead on the battle field.

Should the peace-loving communities of our children’s children be forced into dealing with compost containment themselves, or should they be allowed to explore other, more elevated issues? Compost containers are ways of opening peoples’ minds and hearts to the fact that we are all inevitably contained on the very same planet! Compost containers are the future of our lives in sustainable communities here on the planet. When does the future come into our lives? Usually when it starts hitting us in the face like some gigantic salmon fish jumping out of the river on two hind legs and screaming “hey, I’ve got a three headed baby fish I wanna talk to ya about you foolish human beein!!” But if humankind acts now, with sustainable community action and compost containers that teach of nature and her law, tomorrow can be a dream, rather than a nightmare, come true.