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Compost Critters

Compost Critters is a book written to help children really understand the world of a compost pile through illustrations and photos that show life cycles for what they really are, cycles of rebirth.

For ages 4-8, this 32-page hardcover published by Dutton Juvenile in May of 1993 measures 11.1 x 7.7 x 0.4 inches and ships at 12.5 ounces.

Bianca Lavies is a professional photographer with an eye for natures most glorious moments, and by constructing her own compost pile at home, she observes in as only an artist can, through images, a year of bacteria, insects, worms and crustaceans all working down loads of household food scraps into fertile soil.

Rich detail and color, Lavies has experienced the most sublime aspects of a process that most people choose to ignore, and brought those experiences to life for all to see and feel.

Compost Critters even has an essay that clarifies and informs with factual information, broadening youngsters concepts in a very special and beautiful way.

Bianca Lavies even goes so far as to plant tomato vines around her compost pile, showing respect for lifes wonders and the joy that we as humans can have in the role as stewards here on earth.

Compost Critters is a truly wonderful display of Nature, through art, respect, love and joy, that our children will understand, accept and hopefully; live for.