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Covered Bridge Hot Composter

Covered Bridge Hot Composter is a “hot pile” composting bin, made to purify even the most polluted of organic materials with sure-fire high temperatures that exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Covered Bridge Hot Composter is an example of modern technology blending with Mother Nature in harmony.

Made from 100 percent post-consumer waste plastics, this high molecular density HDPE is long lasting, durable and weatherproof.

36 inches in diameter, 30 inches tall, with a capacity to hold 18 cubic feet of organic waste materials; Covered Bridge Hot Composter can compost a mixture of food scraps and yard debris alike.

With a unique rainwater hole on the lid, Covered Bridge Hot Composter even has a new brick design that extends all the way from top to bottom, to be more aesthetically pleasing.

With a 2-year warranty, Covered Bridge Hot Composter only weighs 16 pounds, yet ships at 39 pounds.

Easy assembly in less than 15 minutes, Covered Bridge Hot Composter has ventilation shafts near the bottom for excellent aeration, a quick harvest drawer with firm ergonomic handle and a large top opening for easy depositing of compost materials.

The stainless steel hardware inside is rustproof; making Covered Bridge Hot Composter a blend of ancient composting techniques with modern technology, showing us that the world we live in can not only survive, but also provide an even brighter future for our children and their grandchildren alike.

Covered Bridge Hot Composter is the perfect composting bin for those looking to make a statement about earth friendly relations and modern technology, collaborating for a better tomorrow.