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CT Compost Aerator

CT Compost Aerator was developed for those who want to turn their cold pile instantly and effortlessly into a hot pile with nothing more than a thrust and a few rotations. Update: This product is currently out of stock, find other Compost Aerators.

This Compost Aerator is made of rust-resistant powder coated steel, sporting a solid half inch shaft with hinged folding wings that extend out two whole inches.

CT Compost Aerator will dig deep down into any cold pile, where the wings will open up to a full diameter of 7 and a half inches, creating large air passages.

These air passages created by CT Compost Aerator, with nothing more than a few easy turns stimulate the balance of the pile and give life to hypothermophilic microorganisms that help the breakdown process reach hygienic temperature levels.

The overall length of CT Compost Aerators shaft is 36 inches, and will ship for as little as 2.20 pounds.

Not everyone has the time or can give the effort of taking out a pitch fork and tumbling their composting pile twice a week, instead, CT Compost Aerator does all the work with just an easy thrust and twist.

If done properly, a good cold pile using CT Compost Aerator will effectively turn itself into a nutrient-rich pile of potting soil known as humus within as little as two whole weeks, or fourteen days.

CT Compost Aerator makes life all that much easier, maintaining constant oxygen levels to propel those beneficial microorganisms that destroy pathogens and other urban dangers, with a process that nature herself has consecrated as part of a perfect all renewing cycle.

CT Compost Aerator, with nothing more than a thrust, twist and turn, transforms cold piles into thriving hot piles of healthy proportions.