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Earth Machine

Earth Machine Home Composter has a durable lightweight design with a proven ten-year track record for effective hypothermophilic composting of kitchen scraps and yard debris. Update: This product is out of stock, see current compost bins.

Earth Machine Home Composter is 33 inches high, 33 inches deep and 34 inches wide.

Earth Machine holds up to 10 cubic feet or 80 gallons, weighing only 20 lbs empty, made from recycled polyethylene that is UV resistant and a deep black color to improve heat conditions inside this hot pile of black gold.

A special twist top lid allows a better control of ventilation, it has slots that are large enough to let oxygen in yet keep critters out, twist pegs fasten Earth Machine to the ground for animal and wind control.

The round design allows Earth Machine to be turned or lifted to access the pile from any direction.

Earth Machine has a sliding door that can be secured to prevent unwanted rodents or other animals as well as being free of corners (where materials can easily dry out).

No special tools are required for assembly, no holes need to be dug for setup and the assembly is snap together and for simplicity.

Earth Machine has become a sleek high-performance compost bin used by more than 2 million environmentally concerned people, worldwide.

Kitchen wastes and garden debris can be broken down more efficiently by using an Earth Machine Home Composter.

Hyperthermophilic microorganisms flourish with the ongoing access to oxygen; heat and nitrogen based organic materials encountered within Earth Machine.

With superior solar retention, Earth Machine is a hot pile for breaking down materials faster and more efficiently than traditional open piles.