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Earthmaker aerobic composter

An Earthmaker aerobic composter has three stages.

  1. The first stage is for garden waste and food waste mixing.
  2. The second drop chamber is for content digestion.
  3. The third is for maturing of the compost.

This type of composter is needed by anyone who wants to have a quicker, more efficient way to got from waste to humus.

The composter uses aeration to facilitate the process.

Heat, radiant heat (attracted by the black plastic) adds pressure to each bin. The heat sucks in air from the bottom.

The heat causes the air to rise, and then push through to the next level.

This then causes pressure that pushes the more dissolved bits to fall or pour into the next bin down: Or to sink to the bottom of the first upper bin, falling to the second bin when the hatch is slid open: From the second bin to the third by scraping it off the angled base of the second bin falling into the final stage third bin at the bottom.

This process is much quicker than regular composting since the aerobic process happens continuously. And the process of the compost falling causes the more compact material in the process to turn as it descends to the lowest bin.

Turning this bin yourself doesn’t have to be as often even though gravity does the rest of the work; turning the piles yourself still facilitates necessities in the composting process.

The great part is that the middle bin has a push-n-pull mechanism that makes this mixing process a sinch.

The Earthmaker aerobic composter is composting twice the amount of compostable material of other compost systems in the same amount of time across America. 120 gallons is big!