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Biodegradable hot cups

biodegradable, compostable, hot cups for coffee or teaHot cups that are compostable and biodegradable for hot coffee or tea are out there if you look around.

Not all hot cups are bridgeable. But finding a line will keep anyone from having to do a lot of dishes after an outing, party, or potluck.

This kind of cup also reduces wasted space in landfills. This space can be reserved for more serious trash disposal needs.

Eco Hot Cups turns out to be a great find. They are 100% compostable. These cups will degrade in sixty days of less!

In your office cafeteria these biodegradable hot cups will greatly reduce the negative foot print that had been left on the environment by coffee cups and soup cups from offices alone.

This is also a great way to show employees that your company is about more than just monetary profit. And it demonstrates that your firm believes that the greater good is a means of profit as well. And that the environment is worth investing in yes?

This promotion of green space value will send a positive message about you, your firm, it’s workforce and client base.

Eco-Products Biodegradable Cups, World Design

Getting children and family friends used to reaching for 100% biodegradable hot cups while shopping online, at a dollar store, or at large is a great way to begin to reinforce sound familial care taker practices that will carry over into green space preservation for centuries to come.

Eco hot cups are ideal for the environmentally conscious coffee shop. The hot cups are stylish. The sizes fit the standards customers are used to buying in cozy coffee shops around the corner or down the street the world over. These cups range from 4 oz. taste tester to over indulgent (in a good way) 24 oz mais vente offering.

The Eco hot cups reflect interesting understated facts about how these cups and other efforts are saving green space across the country, and around the planet.

They come in green strip bottom with plain white cup body, and world art.

Eco-Products Green Striped Hot Biodegradable Cups

The base color for the world art variety changes with each size or serving portion increase. 4oz being heavily creamed coffee tone, through the dark coffee tones of rich dark brown. These browns increasingly become lighter in coffee bean reflective earth tones. The largest of these cups is a light blue base under the artistic global overlay.

Eco hot cups are that much more cozy to hold. They give the beverage feeling of warm comfort that reflects just a bit more; since the drinker knows the warm indulgence will reduce negativity more than was possible before.

Eco hot cups, eco hot cup lids, and eco grip sleeve jacket, insulators are tremendously reducing the impact of unnecessary pollution from comfort hot drink waste across America.

They are made by Eco Products which is a company based out of Boulder Colorado and they can be purchased at competitive prices on Amazon.com which helps support our efforts to review this product here, thank you!