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EcoPod Recycling System

EcoPod is a compact recycling system that allows for a controlled, clean and neatly stored recycling bin for 40-60 tin cans and/or plastic bottles up to 200ml in size, for the home or office; simply deposit the can or bottle in the top and step down on the compactor peddle, and you have now, just offset your CO2 emissions. Update: The Ecopod is out of stock, try this nice kitchen recycling bin!

Plastic bottles for drinking water and aluminum cans are two of the largest contributors to landfills in the world and they are items that we consume constantly as a civilization.

In the US alone, 130 billion beverage containers make their way to the landfills per year, and our country is one of the major recyclers and environmentally aware nations of the modern world, who would expect that kind of pollution from us?

Just having an EcoPod at home or in the office is like saying, hey, look, we are environmentally aware, are you? Anything that becomes trendy enough to become the latest fashion, will certainly change the world we live in forever, and EcoPods creators are looking to take advantage of this latest cultural trend to go green and sustainable right now, with a product that looks cool and doesboth people and the environment; a favor.

Two compartments under the upper lid area, offer space to hold other recycled materials, such as paper or glass, maximizing the containers total storage area and making better use of existing curbside recycling systems.

EcoPod will save time, space, money and CO2 emissions as the cans and bottles come compacting in and people notice your effort to make a difference in the world for a more sustainable way of life that focuses on stewarding the earth and taking responsibility for our role in creation on this planet.

BMW designworks, a company dedicated to sustainable development, helped put the EcoPod together, a compacting recycling system for the home and office, that is not only kool looking, but a global idea for that allows us to think global, while acting local.