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Envirocycle Composter

Evirocycle Composter is the ideal compost tumbler for those who live in tight urban spaces and are looking for both natural liquid and natural solid fertilizers.

Envirocycle Composter produces homemade compost tea that is hygienic and powerful.

So powerful is this quality tumbler in fact, that for every one part tea, you can easily add ten parts water and even the most clayish soils will become filled with nutrients.

Envirocycle Composter also produces top quality humus for veggies and other edibles as you need, all coming from your kitchen and yard scraps, just remember that half of what you put in should be brown and dry paper solids (excellent carbons), and the other half can be green and wet for those urgently needed nitrogens in the soil.

Tumbling is easy as the Envirocycle is a sturdy plastic drum weighting some 19 lbs at 28.5 inches high, 24.5 inches wide and 20 inches deep.

Envirocycle Composter sits on rollers, allowing for up to 19 liters of pure compost tea per batch of compost. One batch of solid will produce 7 cubic feet of humus within four to six weeks of tumbling only a few times a week and up to 900 lbs of solid per year.

Rotating the Envirocycle Composter will quicken the composting process, allowing for extremely healthy humus and tea within just a few weeks if done daily for example.

This is due to higher oxygen levels produced during rotation, making the ideal environment for thermophilic microorganisms that just love to cook and digest unwanted bacteria thereby breaking down the refuse in a more friendly and hygienic way.

This aesthetically pleasing compost humus/tea tumbler even comes with a lockable lid, ideal for preventing animals from rummaging through your black gold.

The biggest advantage of the Envirocycle Composter is the mere fact that it not only collects solid humus but compost tea as well claiming to be the only commercially sold product on the world-market that has this ability in such a compact and practical style.

Envirocycle Composter is perfect for your apartment or house where space is limited, but you plants and veggies still need both liquid and solid fertilizers that are sure to be both sustainable and low impact on the environment as well as excellent for starting a conversation with friends and fellow eco-geeks