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Envirolet Premix Starter Kit

Envirolet Premix Starter Kit helps the breakdown process of any composting “hot pile” by introducing aerobic microorganisms (the good guys), starting your compost out “healthy.”

Originally marketed to start-up composting toilets, Envirolet Premix Starter Kit is not just for those looking to compost humane fecal materials; it will eliminate any harmful pathogens or toxic pollutants that might find their way into your compost pile, merely because they work “with” Mother Nature, rather than against her.

Hypothermophilic microorganisms require oxygen, so unless you are using Envirolet Premix Starter Kit in a covered pit without air, it is sure to fire up a major boost in the breakdown process starting out from day one.

Tumbling is a must, not necessarily on a daily basis, but decent amounts of ventilation and tumbling in regular intervals (of at least a couple of days) are required to get the pile to heat up to the proper pathogen destroying temperatures (between 120 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit) constantly throughout the composting process.

If the compost is kept at the proper temperature for killing lethal pathogens, Envirolet Premix Starter Kit will help produce useful and “healthy” vegetable loving humus in just 15 days.

Envirolet Premix Starter Kit will get that fresh hot pile started and already on the way to becoming refined “black gold” in just weeks, offering an alternative to traditional starting methods.

Envirolet Premix Starter Kit is an alternative of the future, part of a trend that makes our society just a little bit more on the ecofriendly side, defending the earth, with earth!