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EzComposter Compost Tumbler

EzComposter Compost Tumbler is environmentally respectful, being made from 100% consumer used plastics, the black color further speeds up the decomposing process.

Within just two weeks of filling, EzComposter Compost Tumbler will produce, nutrient-rich fresh organic humus for planting soil.

Ez Composter Compost Tumbler is an efficient hot-pile, it kills harmful bacteria through thermophilic composting that makes useful and safe soil for your garden or plants.

Even human organic wastes can be safely and efficiently cleansed through the dynamic process used by EzComposter; a process that takes temperatures up so high that absolutely no harmful pathogens could survive.

The secret to this efficient and rapid humus production for enriching the soil of edible and non-edible plants alike, is a constant balance of oxygen throughout the pile; this is done through easy tumbling once a day or a couple of times per week as desired.

EzComposter is a large barrel with some 72 ventilation holes and as it is rolled on its base from time to time, the oxygen if further distributed throughout the hot-pile.

This cools it down at first, but then immediately heating it up once again as the oxygen loving hypothermophilic microorganisms prosper and reproduce; thriving off of the nitrogen and carbon materials found inside the tumbler.

For every one-third green materials used, two thirds should be brown materials, this will maintain the proper balance necessary for quick, efficient and safe hypothermophilic composting with EzComposter Compost Tumbler.

If used and tumbled correctly, EzComposter Compost Tumbler could produce excellent humus once or twice a month. A process that normally takes months or even as long as a whole year.

At 36 inches by 31inces by 28 inches and weighing only 49 pounds, EzComposter Compost Tumbler is a great way to make your own compost from household organic waste materials.

From kitchen scraps to kitty and doggy number ones and twos, even human (if you have the courage to be catlike and use sawdust instead of drinking water as your potty), EzComposter Compost Tumbler is a great way to make your very own nutrient-rich humus for edible and non-edible plants alike.

Hypothermophilic microorganisms are natures way of taking care of our number one and number two, EzComposter Compost Tumbler just takes that process to its maximum potential in a single barrel.

EzComposter Compost Tumbler is an environmentally friendly way to take care of our cultures waste by recycling what we through away, including the very product itself; an icon of American ingenuity and our beautiful nations ongoing recycling efforts.