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Gaiam Compost Bucket

The Gaiam Compost Bucket is an under-the-sink or laundry room bucket short-term (curing) deposit for compost materials before actually leave the house or reaching the final destination, the compost bin/pile itself.

Over five thousand years ago, the people of Crete, Santorini, Knossos and many other places in Ancient Greece, worshiped a goddess known to us today as Gaia, goddess of the Earth, who took on many forms throughout history, a history that reachesout through time through Gaiam.

The essential belief of the Earth as being directly connected to the existence of daily life is what kept the followers of Gaia united, and the company Gaiam (from slurring Gaia) holds true to that belief through all of its products and services in the modern age of electron-slinging consumption, by developing tools we need in order to assume our role as stewards of the planet.

If your family is small (two or three), then the regular bucket should be an excellent size for less frequent trips to the compost pile.

For larger families (five or more) then the tall bucket is recommended.

Emptying your Gaiam Compost Bucket once a week is good, but with a filter, every two weeks should be fine if you arent using newspaper, sawdust or some kind of carbon to eliminate the odors of decomposing organic materials.

Remember, some people have tougher noses than others, so respecting everyone with a filter or dry paper materials like sawdust or newspaper is a great way to improve quality of life, but obviously, the filter saves more room for more organic materials and extends the your down time from trips to the compost bin.

Available in the color green only, all Gaiam Compost Buckets come with a disposable filterfor aeration (placed in the lid), each filter lasts for three months, thus a single bucket should not use anymore than four filters a year for greater energy conservation.

Two different sizes are available, 5.5 qt and 9.6 qt. with the regular size measuring 7¾” x 8″ x 7½” and the larger (tall) size measuring 11¼” x 9″ x 9″.

A name that echoes through time the value of education, science, art, recreation and above all our precious environment, for a healthy lifestyle and a more sustainable economy. Compost buckets carry our modern day Atlantean civilization just one step closer to mending its ways and returning to its true purpose, in stewardship of Earth.