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Green Culture Compost Spreader

Green Culture Compost Spreader was designed to make spreading mulch, manure or finished compost around the lawn or wherever needed an easy, low-impact and more sustainable adventure.

A good compost spreader will equally distribute compost around the yard through the perforated rust-resistant metal drum.

Green Culture makes a compost spreader model that is reliable and totally 100 percent American made.

At half an inch by one and a quarter inches, the diamond grid pattern on Compost Spreader by Green Culture totally breaks up the chunky clumps of compost materials through an efficient low-tech, tumbling drum unit that is both easy to manage manually or towed, as desired.

Compost Spreaders like this one made by Green Culture are environmentally friendly and do mother natures job more precisely in a more aesthetically pleasing fashion.

The comfortable handle grip makes Green Culture Compost Spreader, user friendly as well as a sustainable low-impact/high-result gardening and lawn care tool, for those who take gardening that one extra step in energy conservation.

Hand pushed/pulled or tractor/animal towed, Green Culture Compost Spreader has a full-width latchable door for quick filling.

A total of 24.5 inches wide, 18 inches in diameter, 4.7 cubic feet and weighing 20 lbs with a powder coated green finish, Green Culture offers a two-year warranty on this efficient compost spreader.

For those who think sustainable and low-impact on the environment, low-tech is the way to go; Green Culture Compost Spreader is an option unlike the others.