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iTouchless Kitchen Recycling Bin

Touchless Recycling Bin is a kitchen recycling bin from iTouchless, a unique new invention, that keeps your bin free of dirty hand prints or other goo, by avoiding touch all together just get close to the sensor, and it opens on its own, move away, it closes.

Most recycle bins are constantly being opened and closed, the Touchless has an automatic open/close function that does all the opening and closing for you as long as you have a hand within six inches of the sensor it stays open, once you remove your hand, it closes on its own after three seconds.

Keeping the kitchen free of sticky stuff is very important for hygienic reasons, but trash and recycle bins are always filling up with leftover sauces, oils and anything else that we need to constantly keep clean, so most people opt to keep them away from the kitchen, where we most need them!

Here is a kitchen recycling bin that offers the best of both worlds; neat, clean and tidy recycling that makes sense for the environment as well as our needs.

This recycling bin has two separate inner buckets for either organics in one or recyclables in the other, 30 liters each and capable of using regular 8 or 13 gallon trash bags in each, it runs off of four long living D batteries up to one year if used wisely (sold separately), it has wheels for easy movement as well as two buttons for manual opening/closing and an on/off switch, measuring 23.23 x 14.76 x 24.61, with a one-year limited warranty.

The Touchless is a kitchen recycling bin made specifically to keep your kitchen cleaner and yet still do the job recycling containers need to get done, keeping the messy stuff inside the bin and dirty fingers away.