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Kitchen Compost Carrier

Kitchen Compost Carrier KC1000 and KC2000 are made by Busch Systems, the perfect thing for those looking to upgrade their organic recycling and compost bin program at home or in the office. Out of stock, see more carriers here!

Busch Systems Kitchen Compost Carriers support sustainable practices in urban spaces not only during their lifespan, but also during manufacturing, as they are made from a minimum of recycled plastics.

With a wide opening, the KC1000 and KC2000 are perfectly designed for cleaning off plates and scooping out pans directly into the bins.

KC1000 Mini Kitchen Compost Carrier

This is a smaller version of the KC2000 and holds 5.8 US quarts, while occupying 8.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 8 inches high.

Weighting only one pound the KC1000 is a soft medium green and made from high density polyethylene with a 25% blend of recycled pellets.

Less people in the house means less kitchen food scraps, but still requires optimum hygiene while eliminating foul odors.

KC2000 Kitchen Compost Carrier

Perfect for short term storage, with handle, this portable compost carrier is uniquely designed for the average North American household, with large amounts of organic kitchen refuse.

Holding 9.6 US quarts of leftovers, table-scraps and other organic refuse materials, KC2000 is 8.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep and 11 inches high weighting only 1.35lbs.

Made of the same material as the KC1000, the KC2000 comes with a special carbon filter option that, eliminates odors caused by anaerobic microorganisms already involved in the breakdown process.

Kitchen Compost Containers by Busch Systems also come with rounded corners and edges to be safer around children and easily cleaned as well as emptied.

Kitchen Compost Containers are dishwater safe and will hang on the wall or cupboard door from two strategically placed screw holds on the back.

For the ideal Kitchen Compost Container, choose between the KC1000 (small and to the point, for one or two people) and the KC2000 (made for the average household consumption).