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Let it Rot

Let it Rot is a humorous guide to first-time composting, making a yucky thing fun for gardeners, looking for a more sustainable, nutrient rich soil additive.

Stu Campbell breaks the art of composting down. The novice thinking of composting as a dirty activity will surely begin to change ones mind, turning it into a fun and exciting pastime that touches the spiritual realm of gardening.

This 160 page paperback measures 9 x 6 x 0.5, ships at 8.8 ounces and makes for an inspiring refresher for those that already know how to compost, Stu Campbell makes an effort to keep the information highly detailed and easy to read for the general reader.

Let it Rot not only gets into reasons to compost, but also shows differing approaches, how decomposition works, various methods, ingredients, rate of breakdown, how to use the humus, how decomposition itself works and even how to build bins.

This book contains aesthetically pleasing sketches as well as black and white illustrations and diagrams that please the eye and answer questions at a glance.

A list of sources, supplies and a bibliography (14 titles) make this revolutionary book from 1975 a classic must-not-miss for those building a compost library at home.

All information you needed for your first composting project at home, this thirty year old best seller is a classic among composters; Let it Rot will change your outlook on composting forever.