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Mantis Compost Thermometer

A good compost thermometer must be long enough to find the center of your compost pile and read at least up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mantis Compost Thermometer will read up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit reaching the core of most compost piles (20 inches in length).

For your “hot pile”, this compost thermometer is sure to do the trick, especially if you are planning on marketing your humus, or use it for any kind of edible plants.

A compost thermometer will make sure that the pile stays between 120 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimum temperature to allow hypothermophilic microorganisms to thrive and multiply to their full potential (with a given oxygen supply).

Mantis Compost Thermometer weighs no more than 3.2 ounces, reaches a maximum reading of 220 degrees Fahrenheit, is 20 inches long and perfect for reading the core of most any compost pile in just seconds.

Above this temperature, hypothermophiles begin to slowly die off, and below this temperature as well, but high temperatures are extremely necessary for two reasons, one to kill harmful pathogens the other to speed up the breakdown process.

A good compost thermometer is wonderful for making sure that harmful pathogens are neutralized.

Sometimes some of the worst of these “bad news” microorganisms (harmful pathogens) can find their way into the compost pile, especially when a “hot pile” is being used to “sterilize” and purify fecal materials of any kind, from horse, rodent, pig to even human (Alaska for example).

Anything “animal” for that matter such as milk and eggs can be carriers of “bad news” microorganisms and it is the compost thermometer’s job to protect the pile from these foul entities with the help of HypothermophilesJ

Hypothermophilic microorganisms are the main reason to be using a compost thermometer frequently, as hypothermophilic microorganisms are ALL “aerobic microorganisms”, which means they kill foul odors and seek out to feed off of anything that could potentially be harmful to Mother Nature’s delicate cycle of oxygen breathing fruit and veggie eating creatures (like us humans:-).

A good compost thermometer will in short, “keep your compost pile healthy”, leading with human civilization in a low impact way.

A compost thermometer will make sure that your hot pile stays at the perfect temperature, keeping us humans in-sync with Mother Nature, leading the way for a better, more environmentally friendly future from the smallest of creatures to the largest.