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Max Air Compost Pail

Max Air Compost Pail (MACP) is a ventilating food scrap storage bin for the efficient and hygienic separation of kitchen refuse before reaching the compost pile; made to be used with biodegradable bag for a quick, easy and tidy solution that is both ecologically friendly as well as neat and clean.

Cleanliness and hygiene are part of what marks us as civilization, but some of the more hygienic practices we have inherited from ancient times are not as environmentally friendly as they could be, one of which includes how we take care of our kitchen scraps.

The consumer society that we have all grown up in is only now realizing what actually happens to our trash, and with products the help separate organics from non-organics, like MACP, consumers are beginning to take on a new role, that of stewards of Earth.

MACP keeps kitchen refuse separate from the non-organic trash by offering a first-step link to the compost bin that is both neat and tidy, something that compost pails have never been in the past, always leaving us with a nasty, smelly mess to clean up.

Good airflow is important to keep the slop that always ends up making its way into the bin, dry, thereby reducing mold, rot and those unpleasant odors drastically.

Small and cute, MACP is also sturdy and durable, making good use of recycled plastics for the long haul, taking up very little space on the kitchen counter, yet still able to hold large quantities of banana peals, eggs shells, coffee grounds…etc. with biodegradable plastic bags like those made by Bio-Bag.

MACP has aeration around and under the bag, a collection gutter to catch spillage, grooves at the bottom to maximize ventilation, flush wall-mounting slot, six-year guarantee if used normally, convenient carrying handle and will provide a weight reduction of up to 20% over a five day period while under the kitchen counter.

Max Air Compost Pail (MACP) helps keep kitchen scraps in their place and highly ventilated and was developed to be used along with biodegradable plastic bags, that keep the whole organic part of composting both tidy and environmentally friendly; helping our planet work towards a better tomorrow for the children of our childrens children, starting with you.