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Moores Creek Sewage Treatment

The Moore’s Creek Sewage Treatment Facility in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA has been open since 1984 and producing excellent garden composting from tons of raw sewage each month since then.

But challenges with the outdoor composting create a smell that is intolerable to Woolen Mills residents.

Recently on the 25th of September, discussion was underway as to how to deal with the problem, and at an estimated 10 million dollars, an enclosed structure could render between 17 and 19 percent more compost.

The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority board met with Woolen Mills residents about the issue on Monday the 25th, bringing relief to both parties.

Moores Creek Composting project processes between 8-8.5 thousand tons of wet compost per year, a revenue that almost pays for itself.

Sustainability is just a hop skip and a jump away for Charlottesvill, VA, and composting human biosolids without odors is more than just the first step, it is a giant leap toward a better tommorow.