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Naturemill Bamboo Composter

Bamboo Composter is made by NatureMill and is of all natural bamboo that has been 100% sustainably harvested.

Bamboo Composter is a stationary outdoor compost bin that holds up to one cubic yard (0.76 cubic meters or 200 gallons) of compost materials, at 36 inches in diameter when at maximum size and only 36 inches high.

Collapsible and easily transported Bamboo Composter weighs only 25 lbs (11 kilos), is made of half inch diameter individual poles that are bound by stainless steel retaining wires and is sealed with UV protection.

The small gaps between each pole provide optimum ventilation/air flow and drainage that accelerate the decomposing process with hypothermophilic microorganisms that just love to transform kitchen refuse and garden debris into healthy and useful black humus.

With a 30 day money back guarantee (unused condition only) or 90 days against defects Bamboo Composter is an all natural solution to our ever growing need for energy conservation.

The aesthetic nature of Bamboo Composter is its most attractive quality, and although made of bamboo, will easily withstand years of active composting, making an environmentalist statement in the middle of any garden.