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NatureMill Automatic Composter is a decent advancement for the civilized that meets your standards of comfort with mother natures standards of sustainability, composting efficiently with modern technology.

This two chamber automatic composting model by NatureMill maintains heat and moisture conditions for a 100% safe hot pot. Just add organic kitchen scraps in the upper tray at any time and NatureMill does the rest, depositing ready-to-use compost in the lower chamber.

When it is full, NatureMill comes on with a light, indicating that it needs to be emptied out into the garden.

One of the advantages of this automatic composter is that it only uses 10 watts of power, costing about 50 cents less than your garbage truck would spend in fossil fuels while hauling your trash away to the landfill.

In fact, NatureMill Automatic composter will recycle its own weight in organic compost once every 10 days, almost two tons worth of kitchen scraps that go straight into your garden every year, instead of in the local landfill.

One batch of automatic compost from this efficient kitchen crock design is enough fertilizer to cover about 10 to 40 square feet of your garden, once a year.

Nomore worms, no more tumbling, no more digging and maturing, it is all done inside this one single unit constantly for a price that is more than cost effective, NatureMill Automatic Composter takes up as much space as a waist high trash can, while making enough fertilizer for the whole city to go green.

NatureMill Automatic Composter is sustainable and comfortable, both blended into one perfect design.

NatureMill, Inc.
530 Divisadero Street PMB-149
San Francisco, CA 94117