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Natureworks Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging at Nature Works LLC

As our nation becomes ever more sustainable and with the invent of biodegradable packaging, so does the world around us.

The dependence upon fossil fuels becomes less and less a concern now that biodegradable packaging is a part of our world economy; being without such an industry would cost us dearly in hygiene, energy and practicality.

NatureWorksLLC.com offers a solution to the worlds packaging need that is not only sustainable, but is the world leader in biopolymers for the food industry.

The project was first established in 1997 and the company was finally established in 2000, as a global stand-alone organization wholly owned by Cargill, with more than 200 employees, is a several hundred million dollar investment with a 300,000,000 lbs polymer capacity.

NatureWorksLLC is dedicated to manufacturing a plastic that not only costs the same as traditional fossil fuel based plastics but also, is just as useful if not more so and environmentally friendly with a rapid return to the environment.

Made from 100% corn crop, NatureWorksLLCs biodegradable plastics use carbon that is produced through the process of photosynthesis.

Instead of taking 100 million years to produce the base product for plastic, NatureWorksLLC takes only 100 days to produce a resource that is renewable and plentiful enough to stimulate our nations economy.

Two majorbiodegradable packaging types are developed by NatureWorksLLC, Nature Works PLA and Ingeo Fibers, which are part of the Smart Care Focus that uses thermoformed plastic parts in a more efficient way during handling at the factory, raising life expectancy and performance.

Nature Works PLA makes three different categories of biodegradable packaging:

Serviceware disposable Dixie cups, dishware, forks, knives and spoons that are used only once, then thrown away.
Rigid Containers precut salads, fruit, vegetables and convenience store and fast food restaurant bought fountain drink cups.
Bottles vinegar, water, milk, juice etc.

By using biodegradable packaging made from corn crops, Wal-Mart USA alone will save more than 800,000 gallons of gasoline per year or 13 million pounds of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be used to make disposable plastic packaging

Traditional non-biodegradable packaging takes more than 200 years to return to the earth and creates harmful greenhouse gases when burned.

Aside from Wal-Mart, Del Monte produce packaging has also been using this biodegradable packaging since 2005 and the rapid growth of investment in this green area has been increasing geometrically around the world in an almost equivalent fashion.

Marks and Spencer in the UK, DelHaize in Belgium, Iper in Italy and E-Mart in Korea, all creating triple digit growth in the plastic industry.

Consumers actually prefer buying a product that comes from Mother Natures renewable stock rather than something derived from fossil fuels.

With the best supply chains in North America, Europe and South East Asia, Natrual Works LLC has developed the worlds leader in biodegradable packaging that meets the markets current needs as well as the current prices at the same performance level as traditional non-biodegradable packaging.