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Original Compost Tumbler

The Original Compost Tumbler by PBM Group is the perfect compost tumbling bin for large yards with lots of leaves and grass clippings throughout the gardening months.

Large annuals, vegetable garden, enormous trees, extending lawns and anywhere up to 18 bushels; the Original Compost Tumbler will produce fresh earth smelling humus within just 14 days of tumbling.

The compost from the yard debris can become one of the most valuable resources available for gardeners and landscapers with this 27 inch tall rotating drum that is easily loaded and unloaded and takes no more energy than a simple few turns a day.

By rotating the Original Compost Tumbler daily, the compost aerates efficiently, creating the ideal environment for thermophilic microorganisms, speeding up a process that used to take a whole year and eliminates the backbreaking work of turning compost by hand.

Original Compost Tumbler uses gears to rotate, so that even when it is full there is no slipping, everything is even.

At 68 inches high 50 inches wide and 40 inches deep, the OCT barrel will easily hold even the biggest loads and give each load the same attention that quality humus deserves.

The special aeration drainage units on the door of the Original Compost Tumbler permit maximized intake in a unique way without spilling compost.

Painted the color of most landscapes, a relaxing green, the interior mixing fins create thorough mixing and faster decomposition; screened vents on the end caps ensure constant airflow.

The tubular steel frame makes for a firm support system, holding the rustproof galvanized metal drum at exactly the proper height so as to make filling the tumbler easier on the muscles.

The Original Compost Tumbler was built to take up to 18 bushels of yard debris and quickly process it within just 14 days into safe black nutrient rich humus to put safely in the garden.

PBM Group