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Pet Waste Digester

The Pet Waste Digester is just one more great idea that turns foul smelling organic pet wastes into beneficial underground proteins.

Pet Waste Digester is exactly that; like a stomach, fresh digesting enzymes are applied to the buried green plastic pyramid that neutralizes pathogens that thrive in foul anaerobic conditions.

Pet Waste Digester leaves behind a healthy protein liquid formed by the bodies of dead fecal bacteria and other nasty anaerobic microorganisms that might find their way into this septic earth stomach.

A deodorizer can be used together with the conventional outhouse-digesting enzyme, killing foul odors associated with wet pet wastes.

A 14-20 hole should be dug and then backfilled, the pyramid design saves garden space, holding more below ground, and opening only enough for the lid with a pedal mechanism that makes it all that much more convenient for backyard composters with dogs, cats, pigs, horses, chickens…etc.

Making a smaller footprint in the backyard than traditional septic tanks, Pet Waste Digester absorbs harmful organic materials, rendering them safe to the environment, the digesting enzymes doing all the work.

At 18.5×18.5×17.5 and weighing 12 pounds, Pet Waste Digester comes with 8 oz of enzyme for one or two dogs safely rendering six months worth of animal fecal material safe for return to the earth.