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Plow and Hearth Compost Crock

Plow and Hearth Compost Crock is an attractive design for your kitchen scraps that makes collecting organic refuse a more acceptable endeavor, eliminating odors and still conforming to low-impact and sustainable concepts that work off of low-tech principles.

Depending on your kitchen, you may want this compost crock in stainless steal or white ceramic, either way; it occupies no more than seven inches in diameter and eleven inches in height, filling a total of one-gallon capacity.

The size and capacity of this Plow and Hearths Compost Crock is strategic, it allows for optimum performance for organic refuse in the average American kitchen within one day. Making emptying easy; and for the eco-friendly, a delightful task.

Both the ceramic model and the stainless steal model of Compost Crock made by Plow and Hearth come with the option of buying a replacement lid/filter that keeps the crock odor and oxygen levels at their ideal levels.

Plow and Hearth Compost Crock is a delightful work of art and a design that was expertly developed for the modern American kitchen; matching both green living with modern expectations of hygiene and beauty, all in one compost crock of the future that you can enjoy.

When the past becomes our future, we have finally learned that there truly is hope in the ways of our ancestors, Plow and Hearth Compost Crock is one example of that hope, how our heritage, can blend with our here and now.