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Principles of Biodynamic Spray And Compost Preparations

Principles of Biodynamic Spray and Compost Preparations tells all about the essentials to biodynamic gardening, its background and core techniques.

This book is an overview of the history of agriculture, the applications of compost preparation, the practicality of organic spray as well as the biodynamic philosophy behind these techniques.

According to biodynamics, keeping our gardens sustainable is one of the first steps to healing the world, and it is something that everyone can do at home by using the most simplest of household wastes, organic compost.

Through creative techniques that have a long history of usage throughout the world, biodynamics challenges the sustainable gardener to prove these (often dubbed esoteric) philosophies scientifically.

Best of all, this stuff works! Biodynamics is an older term for what is now a trend in gardening, self-reliance, the all-American do-it-yourself sempra-fi attitude that just might save us from our own outlandish energy consumption in the past century and a half.

This introduction to biodynamic agriculture was written by Manfred Klett (over twenty years of experience), former director of the Department of Agriculture at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

Klett is the founder of a biodynamic farming community in Germany and this book deals with the very basics of biodynamic agriculture; based on lectures by the author from the BAA (Biodynamic Agriculture Association).

This 110-page paperback published by Floris Books in its second edition in April of 2006 measuring 7.9 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches and shipping at 3.5 ounces is a great way to begin using sustainable agriculture as not merely a way of caring for the earth, but in living a better life.

Principles of Biodynamic Spray and Compost Preparations helps us understand the core philosophy, background and techniques behind biodynamics, which may just lead to a deeper understanding of our own lives; healing ourselves, through the healing of the Earth itself.