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Pyramid Composter

Pyramid Composter is a compost bin made of 100% recycled plastics and was designed with sustainability in mind.

Being sustainable means not only knowing how to use our civilizations resources, but also knowing what to do with our waste materials, and that includes last generation plastics, such as those used in Pyramid Composter.

Pyramid Composter itself is not recyclable, as the plastics are end plastics, that can take up to 200 years to degrade, giving this model an edge over other models, a lifespan that is spent giving back to our planet in the form of humus.

Pyramid ComposterPyramid Composter is our waste products turned into a valuable, useful and meaningful future.

At 28 inches in length, 28 inches wide and 34 inches high, Pyramid Composter makes quality compost in less than a month, retrievable in an easy to manage door at bottom.

Pyramid Composter (part number CMP-02) made by Achla’s home and garden department is a great gift idea, one that states something about our humanities future.

The 3/16th of an inch recycled polyethylene walls absorb heat, instantly creating a passive “hot pile” that waters itself perfectly with passive rain harvesting.

Zinc plated hardware of 12 nuts, bolts and washers make for a simple assembly that requires nothing more than a screwdriver and yet at the same time, guarantees generations of durable, long lasting composting at 12 cubic feet per fill.

Shipping at only 32 pounds, the sleek pyramid design at top makes for a mysterious conversation piece, Pyramid Composter also has a passive aeration system with strategically located slits at the sides.

Ideally the average family of five would do well with two of these compact Pyramid Composters, while one is composting, the other is filling.

Pyramid Composter takes our civilizations trash and turns it into hope; the hope of a future that is based on the rigid foundation of a science that fights the war FOR Mother Nature, on the battlefields of our own backyards.