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Recycling Bin Cart

A recycling bin cart transforms that chore of hauling recycle boxes to and from the curb in a snap; saving space, strength, and most importantly, unwanted accidents. Stacked with blue recycling bins you have the complete recycling cart system.

Work smarter, not harder; that is what a recycling bin cart is for, doing the hardest part of the home or office paper recycling job, by giving you an efficient space saving tool that keeps durable boxes made just for this one chore in a well organized fashion that is both nice to look at and says something about taking care of the environment.

Hauling cardboard boxes to the curb has always been a difficult task, because after a time, those boxes tend to breakdown from all the lugging, dropping, lifting and so on, putting them on a cart can make things easier, but itis still messy; a recycling bin cart, that uses durable recycling bins however, is the right tool, for the right job.

This height-adjustable cart can have two or three tiers, is made of a rust-resistant tubular steel frame, mounts on a wheeled base that roles around smoothly without any stress, measures 62 x 19 x 17 ½, weighs 9 lbs and will hold a total of 90 lbs or 30 lbs per bin.

This recycling bin cart makes life more organized, eliminating the use of old cardboard boxes in favor of recycling boxes that are durable and easy to handle, made specifically for storing and transporting large quantities of waste paper from the home or office to the curb, effortlessly.