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Recycling Games

Recycling games not only teach kids that it is smart to recycle, recycling games are fun!

NoteNiks Software brings you Eco-Pack Games, this one specifically focused on teaching kids between ages 5 and 10 about recycling in well known places like the beach, park, city and school. Notice: Out of stock checkout this recycling DVD set!

Children are meant to play, they love to play, and what better way to teach them about sustainability and the future, than through the wonderful world of games?

Knowing what goes in the trash and what can be recycled is a thing that needs to be taught while our children are small, and NoteNiks software takes that seriously, with Eco-Pack Recycling.

Endangered animals clean energy and composting make up the other titles in this series, as well as two other related games from NN, Healthy Eating and Exercise and Respect Our Earth Games; they even have a game on astronomy and one for the food service.

Recycling GameEach Eco-Pack Game comes with two games focused on specific lessons, at a price that is accessible to the average child-loving parent.

This recycling game for ages 5-10 comes with a curriculum for parents and teachers, certificates that can be printed/easily edited, enhanced sound control and game wide scoring.

Educators and concerned parents looking for a way to guarantee a more self-reliant and sustainable world for the next generation, will find NoteNiks Eco-Pack Games such as Recycling, fun, entertaining and educational from ages 5-10.

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