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Recycling Tower

A recycling tower takes advantage of vertical space, economically and efficiently saving on back strain and making our lives richer through a community conscious activity like recycling.

Verticalization through recycling towers is a concept that goes back as far as the very first walled and defended city-states of primitive human civilizations, but is made from products that are essential to our current way of life, recycling those things with an open mind.

Learning from our past, we can make a better future, and that is what this recycling tower is all about, separating our trash before it goes to the dump.

Made from composition plastic this recycling tower will endure for hundreds of years if well kept and extremely light weight with 3 recycling bins, the most important inorganic kitchen trash to be recycled are metals, plastics and glass.

Paper and Organics go hand in hand with each other and can be composted easily, but usually there is always a surplus of paper, such as newspaper.

If this is the case, one of these recycling bins should be reserved just for that in place of another material that is less used, which might be glass in your case for example.

Each bin pivots to allow for ready access, and the bottom bin has a foot pedle that saves on bending over every time you want to throw a tin can in for example.

This three bin recycling tower measures 50 1/5 high, 13 ¼ in deep and 14 ½ wide total, while each individual bin measures 13 high x 7.5 deep x 12.5 wide.

All the pieces (simple assembly) weigh a total of 15 pounds only, easy to move around to wherever in the house when empty.

This light gray 3 bin recycling tower uses verticalized space to be more effective in todays ever smaller indoor urban spaces, using ancient human knowledge and modern materials for a better tomorrow.