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Rolypig Composter is a unique compost tumbler for your garden, as it adds both interesting design with a humorous look. Update: This product is out of stock, see current compost tumblers.

Rolypig is actually a big ten sided garbage can on its side with internal composting chambers, painted on the outside to look like a cute piggy rolling around.

This compost tumbler is certainly a lot bigger than little Wilber from Charlottes Web, but still all about calling attention to itself.

Easy to use, natural, and all about nature, Rolypig makes a decent statement about energy conservation.

Just introduce kitchen or garden wastes into Rolypigs mouth, then roll over upon one side for aeration.

There are four chambers inside of Rolypig, and after a full turn, Rolypig readily supplies perfectly safe humus in the rear compartment on a continuous basis.

Rolypig is a hypothermophilic compost tumbler, but can also be a combination worm bin if tumbled less often (like once a week for example).

This incredible tumbler was designed to compost an amount of organic wastes equal to that produced by the average American family, in this case, tumbling Rolypig on one face a week is a standard recommendation.

Only 32 inches tall, 43 inches long, 31 inches wide and weighing 20lbs, Rolypig comes in pink, green, yellow, blue and orange for your satisfaction.

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