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Seventh Generation trash bags

Seventh Generation tall biodegradable kitchen trash bags save the environment on thin layer at a time.

If you have to send the trash in the collection truck to the land fill, you can do so with a clear conscience with Seventh Generation trash bags.

These bags are made from recycled plastic. That means that the bag is not going to break down much more than it has.

The manufacturer states that these bags are free of petrochemicals. In most cases that means that the product comes from a plant source. Often fruit fibers are used in creating various types of plastics.

Plastics made from fruit, bark, and vegetable fibers are easier for the elements to break down safely. They are also easier for smaller animals to consume.

Each Seventh Generation kitchen trash bag box contains 20 count boxes of 13 gallon bags.

These bags can be purchased online from Seventh Generation twelve boxes at a time. You can also search for other sizes and amounts including the 30 and 33 gallon variety.