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Soil Soup Brewers

As one of the most economical ways to use worm castings, Soil Soup 6.5 Gallon Home Brewing Kit and the Soil Soup 25 Gallon Home Brewing System are an easy and efficient way to make ones very own nutrient-rich compost tea.

Microorganisms that enjoy oxygen are excellent for fighting down those bad news anaerobic varmints that can attack roots, create diseases or gobble up the nutrients plants and roots systems need to stay healthy.

Aerobic microorganisms found in worm castings are beneficial and can act as an organic alternative to noxious pesticides and fertilizers.

Soil Soup Brewers carry down the microorganisms found in worm castings immediately through the soil and oxygenate them making a difference in even the more clayish of soils with nothing more than a little oxygen to boost their number count.

As one of the better protections against plant diseases, increasing in both aeration as well as soil fertility, Soil Soup Blenders use an interesting pump called the Bio-Blender to maintain the compost-tea.

The Bio-Blender will continually infuse air into the compost tea while keeping it fully stirred, feeding the microorganisms with a special nutrient rich solution. Be these beneficial bacteria, protozoa, fungi, nematodes.

Soil Soup Brewing will cause an enormous fungal biomass multiplication, allowing the aerobic bacterial populations to grow more than one billion per teaspoon alone.

Soil Soup 6.5

The 6 and a half gallon SoilSoup Compost Tea Brewer 6.5 comes with enough worm casings to make 64 gallons of compost tea. Nutrient-rich solution, Bio-Blender and worm castings all come complimentary with a purchase, and are the only things necessary to start brewing compost tea onones own.

Soil Soup 25

Nutrient-rich compost tea made with the Soil Soup 25 will make a 128 gallons total. Soil Soup 25 also comes with the Bio-Blender, and can even be diluted 10:1 in water.

Soil Soup Brewers are an excellent way to use energy more efficiently, especially worm castings, through the dynamic aerobic feeding process of microorganisms.

Soil Soup Brewers such as the Soil Soup 25 and Soil Soup 6.5 are truly one of the more unique products for consumers thinking about going totally low-tech sustainable, any time soon.