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Soilsaver Compost Bin was designed for composting in even the coldest of climates with special structural molding foam that insulates the pile from the cold.

Soilsaver is a charcoal black color, 28 inches wide, 28 inches in diameter and 32 inches high and holds up to 11.4 cubic feet of composting material when full.

When empty, Soil saver weighs 30 lbs, as it is made from 75% post-consumer recycled polyethylene with a weather resistant construction and UV stabilizers.

Soilsaver has two slide up doors and can even come with an optional base plate made from 14-gauge galvanized welded wire with 1 inch by 1 inch openings for aeration and drainage.

Soilsaver also comes with a unique self-watering feature to allow only enough rainwater in to moisten the composting pile, thereby reducing composting time.

Soilsaver comes with a lock down lid to prevent the entrance of unwanted varmints or curious children, a definite plus for urban areas.

With four inches thick of natural insulating structural foam molding, Soilsaver extends the composting throughout the long slumber of winter months.