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Solar Digester

This solar digester was developed as an excellent “hot pile” with the advantage, that it uses the heat of the sun to passively circulate air through the compost pile in the ground.

Solar Digester’s solar trap, speeds up the breakdown process, eliminate foul odors and keeping the compost “all around healthy and balanced.”

Healthy compost means keeping the amount of hypothermophilic microorganisms up to a maximum, but they need oxygen as well as higher temperatures; those found near the earth’s core.

High temperatures will kill pathogens and bad news anaerobic microorganisms responsible for those bad smells.

Although even a cold pile will breakdown and finally transform itself into humus; Solar Digester speeds up the natural process of composting with three main parts, a black opaque cone inside, a green light cone on the outside and a buried basket that allows the earth’s own microorganisms to do its job more efficiently.

The green cone heats up the air between itself and the opaque cone, thereby creating a passive aeration process that fuels hypothermophiles, while constantly maintaining an adequate temperature for them inside the space of the opaque cone.

Handling between 15 to 20 pounds of organic waste materials every week and sealed with a child proof safety bar, about 80 percent of the kitchen refuse is water, which is quickly absorbed in the ground, in total if well kept, Solar Digester will last at least three years.

Solar Digester once assembled is 27 inches high, 24 inches in diameter at the base, 11.5 inches in diameter at the top, the basket is 16.75 inches tall and 22.5 inches wide, total weight; 17 pounds.

Solar Digester is made from 100% recycled plastic, both the basket and the inner cone, while the outer cone is made from an attractive translucent green polyethylene.

Enhancing the transmission of solar energy into a low impact and an environmentally conscious design that expresses the power of today’s world in one single statement.

Solar Digester is the household compost producer for a more sustainable planet.